Systems and Technology

To provide the best possible service to our clients,
PPS Parking & Transportation, Inc. has
partnered with Service Tracking Systems to
provide cutting edge technology solutions
designed to:

  • Enhance the overall guest service experience
  • Maximize revenues
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize liabilities
  • Enhance security

It’s about convenient drop off and retrieval points,
guest name recognition, and solid revenue controls.
The ability to drop off a vehicle at one location and
have it delivered to another upon retrieval is a
feature we call cross-retrieval. It is an ultra
convenient service for our guests of large hotels,
retail centers, and hospitals.

Guest service levels may be at risk for a number
of reasons that are in our control with this
advanced technology in place:

Lost Key Reduction: Missing keys alert can
recover keys before they are lost, thereby
eliminating a guest service issue and the cost
and aggravation associated with lost keys.

Guest Retention: The system enables us to catch
service failures before they become a complaint.
By monitoring the systems in real time, our
management team can catch service lapses
and reach out to our guest pro-actively.

Measurable Service: There’s a wealth of data at
our fingertips to support an efficient, well
organized, and guest service driven operation:

  • Parking and Retrieval Times
  • Space Availability
  • Vehicles Yet to Return (Hotel)
  • Volumes by Hour (Parks & Retrievals)
  • Occupancy Statistics
  • Employee Performance and Productivity
  • Staffing Levels
  • Revenue Trends and Controls

Hotel Interface: The system also interfaces with
multiple Hotel Management Systems, including
CMS, Micros Opera, Starwood’s Galaxy, and
Hilton’s OnQ. The interface takes our guest
information captured by our valet team on
arrival and compares that information to
tables populated by guest check-ins, check
outs, and room charges. The system will
automatically match vehicle records to guest
folios/rooms based on variable criteria, and for
those matched records, will automatically post
variable overnight parking rates at the user
defined time of night. Manual reconciliation
may also be completed by management prior
to posting time. Full reports are generated
before and after posting time, showing
attempted posts, successful posts, and
failed posts. Vehicles for whom posting was
not successful are flagged for attention in
the system.

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